We deliver firewood in the entire area of the greater city of Sudbury.

All firewood is dry and seasoned ready for the upcoming winter.

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All firewood is sold by the facecord (4 feet high x 8 feet across).  All pieces are cut between 14 inches and 16 inches long and everything is split.

Delivery available anywhere in the District of Greater Sudbury.
We serve the following cities:

Azilda,  Blezard Valley, Capreol, Chelmsford, Coniston, Copper Cliff, Dowling, Estaire, Falconbridge, Garson, Guilletville, Hanmer, Levack, Lively, Markstay, McCrea Heights, Nairn, Naughton, New Sudbury,  Onaping, Skead, Sudbury, Val Caron, Val Thérèse, Wahnapitae, Whitefish and Worthington.

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Trépanier Firewood, we deliver the best quality firewood in the entire Greater Sudbury area since 1979