Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of questions we receive regularly, we thought their answers may help you. Click on the question to see our response.

How can I compare the different types of firewood ? - Answer

It’s maybe the question we hear the more frequently, and it’s totally normal. The usage will define what will be your best choice based on the comparison below.

Species Heating Value *
(million Btu
per facecord)
Sparks Bark Appearance Splitting
Jack Pine 5.6 Yes Brown, Scales Moderate
White Birch 7.8 No White, Smooth Easy
Yellow Birch 8.7 No Yellow, Smooth Moderate
Hard Maple (Sugar) 9.7 No Grey, Rough Difficult
Red Oak 9.1 No Grey, Rough Easy

*Air dried wood for Ontario trees

What is the firewood you'd recommend for me ? - Answer

This is a tricky question, because it’ll depend heavily on your situation and your usage.

Our Jack Pine is the perfect choice for your fire outdoors or to help start another fire. The Pine burns well and quickly, providing a nice smoke smell.

The Hard Maple is our best product if you want a good source of heat. No sparks and a slow speed of consumption makes it the best choice for the fireplace or wood stove. Two to three pieces will burn all night.

The White Birch is a gorgeous wood. It’s bark makes it an object of design and decoration nowadays. It’s a good compromise between the speed of consumption and heat released.

It really depends on your planned usage. Do not hesitate to come and visit our woodlot for more details.

Do you deliver outside of Sudbury ? - Answer

Yes we do.

Our transport rate depends on the distance between you and us. So you just have to contact us to inquire on our rates and we will deliver.

What is the minimum quantity for a delivery ? - Answer

The minimal quantity is usually one facecord.

But if you really need a delivery of less than that, we will find a solution for you, just contact us to discuss.

Where are you located ? - Answer

We are located in Hanmer, right next to the Canadian Tire. See the map on the right.

You need to use the same entrance as the Canadian Tire’s one. You enter the woodlot by the side not directly by the MR80 (also known as the Hwy 69 North).

What is the maximum quantity per delivery ? - Answer

We can deliver up to 5 facecords at a time.

Trépanier Firewood, we deliver the best quality firewood in the entire Greater Sudbury area since 1979